In 1930 out of the fear and desperation of the times, the strangulation and loss of business, community, and family spreading across the world, five Christian business men in Chicago came together to organise a series of lunchtime meetings to proclaim hope and provide inspiration that comes through having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

This six week program grew in popularity and was extended several times, and became a ‘permanent’ lunchtime activity. This was the inauguration of CBMC. The demonstration that business men could have an impact on the lives of other business men was an inspiration and challenge that other men across the USA and in other countries took up. Over time all these teams became affiliated under the CBMC banner. These business men were not paid to promote religion. They merely told their story of how God had impacted their lives in business and private life.

In 1950 the first CBMC for Australia was started in Brisbane. Other teams in regional towns and cities across Australia followed as businessmen in those locations grasped the truth that had inspired the men in Chicago, that to live and speak for Jesus was their responsibility, as well as their pastor’s.

By 1975, sixty-five teams had been started.

Since the early days in Chicago with the formation of CBMC, God has led the ministry to focus on men reaching men (a method); and (a means) the use of mealtime evangelism, personal testimony, one on one witness, coupled with a deep concern for the lost, demonstrated by personal and prevailing prayer for the people in the Member’s sphere of influence.

As a result of CBMC ministry in Australia, some business men have found counsel and wisdom to turn their business around so that it prospered. Others have been transformed and sought the forgiveness of their family, resulting in them becoming disciples of Jesus. Others have been supported and encouraged to continue to pray for the healing of the estrangement and /or hostility between family members. Almost all have learnt to trust the Lord more, and recognise the Lord’s leading in building relationships, relationships of eternal significance. The joy of walking with another along the path of discovery, so they accept the gift of salvation, and continuing that journey of transformation to become like Christ is deeply satisfying.

Today CBMC is operating in over 90 countries around the world, in affiliation with CBMC International. The purpose is the same : To present Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord to people in the marketplace; and to train Christians to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).


Who Is CBMC? ( a better question.)

As members of CBMC, we are a team of men an women in the marketplace living out our faith in authentic relationships. We seek to reach a person right where they are,┬áto help them become the person God designed them to be. Integral to this is meeting with other team members and praying for God to work so that these business and professional’s will become disciples of Christ.

In response to the grace, love, and mercy shown to us through Jesus of Nazareth, will you join us in obeying the Great Commandments – ‘Love God and Love your Neighbour’ (Matthew 22: 34-40) ?